We are a group of republicans and nationalists who want a 32 united Ireland. Whether you are a right wing, left wing, in the middle of the road, a socialist, nationalist, Catholic, Protestant, dissenter, male or female as long as you believe in a 32 county Ireland you will be welcomed into our group. For too long the people of Ireland have different views and opinions on how to achieve uniting our country. It has split the people of Ireland, one is left wing and the other is right wing. Our policy is to unite our country then to let democracy not dictatorship, and the Irish people decide what kind of Ireland they want. We will work with other genuine republicans who have a similar vision as us, to unite our country as one. Our members will not be allowed to have dual membership of any other organisation. As we are aware people tend to jump from one group to the next, this is usually because they are not committed to a united Ireland and only want to cause dissent between genuine republicans. The people of this island need change, they need hope and most of all they need to believe that we all as Irish republicans can achieve our goal. 

Ireland is crying out for the sons and daughters of her country to break the chains of bondage and to set her free of British rule.

  • Our branches and Members

    Our branches are in both the North and South of Ireland.
    Armagh, Belfast, Cork, Derry, Dublin, Fermanagh, Tyrone and Wicklow.
    To be a member of Irish Republican National Congress you must be actively working for a united Ireland. You must not be a member ‚Äčof any other organisation or support any pro British policy's or deeds. You also must be over the age of 17. We want to attract more younger people and people that are sitting on the fence. We want to attract the right sort of people and we want people to be able to speak without the fear of being bullied or judged for their opinions, everyone, men and women, are treated equally.

  • Policy and Rules

    Our policy and rules are simple, we will work with all Irish people on this island to achieve a united Ireland, free us from British policy's and British laws.

  • Commemorations

    We in the Irish Republican National Congress commemorate our fallen dead, all the men and women who dedicated their lives to the cause of Irish Freedom, all the men and women who are known in the history of our nation and the men and women who are the unknown volunteers of Ireland. We also hold commemorations around the island of Ireland.